The following terms and conditions were put together to help users better understand how their use of this website Rocks Desgin and Your use and access of this website indicates you accept these Terms and Conditions.


1.1 By using and making an account with Rocks Design, you confirm that you are in agreement with Rocks Design and bound by the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Use outlined below. These terms apply to the entire website and any email or other type of communication between you and Rocks Design.


2.1 All products and services are delivered by Rocks Design electronically to your email address with receipt holding your secure download link in it, right after purchase.

2.2 Rocks Design is not responsible for any technological delays beyond our control. If your spam blocker blocks our emails from reaching you or you do not provide a valid email address where you can be reachable then please contact us here.

2.3 Free Product can download directly as credited in your account, every download will have unique receipt id for their identification


3.1 Ownership of the product is followed by the usage license selected by the seller. Please see our licenses page for more information.

3.2 Using this website does not grant you any ownership or interest in any content, visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, computer code, products, software, services and all other elements you may access from the website.


4.1 Rocks Design does not process any payments through the website. All payments are processed securely through PayPal and Payumoney, third party online payment gateways. Feel free to contact us about any question about security.


5.1 Rocks Design does not responsible for wrong information filled by seller if you have any issue with seller please contact us here .

5.2 Rocks Design does not share any user and seller unnecessary information to any third parties like data selling firms and other companies for more information please read our privacy policy.


6.1 While using your our website you can some time redirect to third party websites, we have no responsibility for their content and information they provided you.

6.2 By linking Rocks Design to other website proves nothing , we disclaim every liability for links to another website.


7.1 The refund applies those product which not as described by seller and get faulty, to asking the refund please contact us here and tell us what is the problem with the product and we will investigate your complain if we find your complain right we will refund your money.

7.2 Refund process may take some time so please be patience, some time by any technical error mail can’t reach us so please contact us again

7.3 On the product can be several condition of third parties content , like seller can use an image in his product to display but he can’t sell so it will not provided to you however in most case there will be link of resources used in product you can download them from their site with third party license. You can also contact to seller in customer support tab, and for any product by Rocks Design direct you can use contact page for support.

7.4 Any other process and third party refund process like chargeback is prohibited, if Rocks Design gets any addition charge, fees or our transaction process get freeze by your this action we will able to get you billed all the loss and also be able to do legal case on you.

7.5 Please check the product before buying, we are not responsible for your mistake.


8.1 in all cases judicial region will Indore (INDIA).

8.2 Whatever the case that all will be bound by Indian government law, any other country law not applies on the case.


9.1 If we change our term and condition we will send email to our registered user about it and also we update the term and condition on this page.

9.2 Rocks Design reserved all the rights of modify and changes each and every term and condition and also website any time without any notice they will apply immediately.

These terms are last update on February 08, 2016