The following Seller Guideline were put together to help Seller better understand how they can use Rocks Design website as a market place for their digital goods. Every guideline and condition should be accepted by seller.


1.1 You need to submit your website name and its URL (Domain Name) as portfolio.

1.2 You need to have minimum 5 different decent item in your web portfolio.

1.3 All the product you will show us in portfolio has to be owe by you, they does not belong to any third party.


Like other Market Place Rocks Design does not have very hard rules, we believe you are the owner of your product, you can develop those as you seen its fits. We are focus on basic thing like quality, simplicity and accuracy.

2.1 You must not doing any spelling mistake and short spelling in code , you need to use proper spelling for every tag, class , section its good idea to use basic spelling name and coding like header, footer, body-area etc.

2.2 Your code need to be proper indent, you may have compress version of your code in your delivery or demo purpose but it’s mandatory to deliver a proper indent uncompress code version in your delivery package.

2.3 Your code structure should be clear, buyer can easily read and understand your products every line of code.

2.4 No short coding allowed, any kind of short code with any kind of theme, software or digital goods is not allowed.

2.5 Follow the rules of framework you use. If you use any framework in your product like bootstrap or wordpress you should follow their basic rules, if any buyer find out you did mistake in it and he complain about it we will cease your complained product until you did not update that product. In some case your earning money will be refund to buyer e.g. deprecation of code or site behavior.

2.6 You have to have proper license for third party content you are going to use in your product like images, fonts etc for the purpose you are using them like demo , obtain free etc you are only responsible for those content.

2.6 You have to have proper license for third party content you are going to use in your product like images, fonts etc for the purpose you are using them like demo , obtain free etc you are only responsible for those content.

2.7 It’s not going to assumed that every buyer have good advance knowledge of web development and easily understand your code you have to mandatory provide a documentation about you code and product in your delivery package.


3.1 Product image will be 550 px by 500 px.

3.2 We like to have a product name and description which related to the product in product title in this format
e.g. Ecom – A bootstrap ecommerce theme (Name – Product description).

3.3 The product name and title should be unique we did not allow use any other person, brand name and its value for your own product. Its better you will make your own brand value.

3.4 If you have product price ' 0 ' it will be listed in free goods you can change it later anytime. Also we like to have minimum price of product $4 if you think your product is below than $4 please list it in free goods or please do not list it.

3.5 Please add meta description and meta tag carefully with related keyword if you do it right our system will starting making your product ranking as pagerank in some days.

3.6 Item file (Delivery Package) will be only in .zip format.


4.1 We offer you flat 70% commission on every sale from the Rocks Design, we know you did very hard work to making this product so we decide to give you most of it as we can. Like other market we do not support any progressive cycle or exclusive sale system.

4.2 We are operating from India so transaction option for Indian user will be payumoney or SBI (State Bank Of India) bank account transfer, and for foreign user it will be paypal.

4.3 Less than $20 amount is not applicable for withdrawal.

4.4 Every month payment will be withdrawal to next month 15th date (or next business day) please see the below payment schedule chart.

Earnings period: Withdrawal date:
January 1 st – January 31 st February 15 th
February 1 st – February 28 th March 15 th
March 1 st – March 31 st April 15 th
April 1 st – April 30 th May 15 th
May 1 st – May 31 st June 15 th
June 1 st – June 30 th July 15 th
July 1 st – July 31 st August 15 th
August 1 st – August 31 st September 15 th
September 1 st – September 30 th October 15 th
October 1 st – October 31 st November 15 th
November 1 st – November 30 th December 15 th
December 1 st – December 31 st January 15 th


5.1 Admin can change your post for SEO and other purpose like changing the wrong info, unrelated stuff, hidden text and other technical hack and error.

5.2 Admin also can block and ban your post in case of fraud, week response to buyer, not fixing bug and issue and if admin sees you are not good for Rocks Design he can block you completely and return the money to buyer.

5.2 Rocks Design has complete rights and control over everything exist on Rocks Design website. Rocks Design admin can change anything anytime without any notice as its sees best for Rocks Design, they will apply immediately.