We created these privacy policies to assure our member is there info on Rocks Design is secure and we are not misusing their information.

1. Rocks Design does not share any user any kind personal information with anyone, we are not sell rent your userinfo to any third party, We are not selling ranting our mailing list and stored data.

2. All data given by user on our site owned by user self, and user are free to edit and delete there data any time.

3. Rocks Design only ask information necessary to use our website, payment transaction , delivery, generate proper legal document and other services on our site, But it is not limited too we can change required information fields in future if we need.

4. Rocks Design can release user information in legal case, required by government and law and for fraud investigation.

5. Rocks Design can use some general information for user identification like username, user website, seller shop name etc, and also Rocks Design can show number of user, unique visitor, sales and number of seller (which info not identify specific user) for website use.

6. Rocks Design protects user data as asset however 100% security not exit we will do our best to protect user data from any kind of theft and misuse in and out of Rocks Design.


If we change our Privacy Policy we will send email to our registered user about it and also we update the term and condition on this page.

These terms are last update on February 08, 2016